Hey friend, I'm Alecca , but my friends call me Lec!

Job titles include: wife, follower of Jesus, wedding photographer, professional coffee shop addict, & girl who spends too much time on google flights always planning the next trip. 

I'm an Iowa and Houston-based destination wedding photographer. I have a passion for telling stories through my camera + serving people on their best days yet. 

Documenting moments + telling stories are two of my favorite things 

I have always been a believer in serving the heck out of any couple who chooses me and my team to document their days, and it is my greatest hope that anyone in front of our cameras feel so loved + seen. From capturing your grandparents on the dance floor (undoubtedly with tears in my eyes...sorry in advance) to anticipating the moments that you'll look back on for generations and being there to make sure I capture them perfectly, I will always be reminded that this job is the greatest gift. I know that sounds cheesy, but hear me out: The people we love are only here on this earth a finite number of days. So are we. Fortunately, someone along the way invented cameras and gave us a dang good way to pass on the stories of both us and the people we love to the next generation and then the next. Telling those stories is always and forever why my team and I do what we do - to bottle up those moments, the hugs, the tears, and giggly laughs and the secret smiles in a way that brings them back for generations. We're here to help your memories and love stories stand the test of time. It sounds like magic, doesn't it? ;)

Intentionally photographing the good old days while we're in them.

whether you're saying your vows in the heart of texas, the heartland of the midwest, or on a sailboat in italy - you can count me in

I'm based in iowa + texas, but travel anywhere for a good love story 

...and gelato if I'm being honest

If I'm going to get the honor of telling your story, it's only fair I share mine. So, a little bit about me -- I'm a twenty something old soul who adores spending hours on end in coffee shops, sipping on an iced vanilla latte or strawberry margaritas (depending on the time of day haha), spending time with loved ones, and hanging with my husband, Seth.  

When I'm not photographing weddings, I'm sitting in a coffee shop with my husband, spending time on my grandparents farm, or planning my next trip.

Some of my favorite places I've traveled to have been...

   - Tulum, Mexico (the prettiest place)
   - Naxos, Greece (you HAVE to go!)
   - Positano, Italy
   - Moab, Utah
   - Glacier National Park, Montana

& so many more. I can thank my grandma for my love of travel and love getting to share photos (especially film) of my trips with her!

My favorite places I've traveled to are:

Let's be real - I LOVE a good wedding day jam + am a firm believer that allllll wedding days should have a dang good playlist bopping! Some of my go-to's (especially during couples portraits or golden hour) are anything Ben Rector or some old school like Frank Sinatra. But hey, I'd be lying if I said I haven't also jammed with my couples to T Pain or Fergie on a wedding day too haha. Because your day should also have your fave songs ;)

My favorite wedding day jams are: link to my Spotify playlist here!

I am not kidding when I say I am probably the worlds biggest baby when it comes to obsessing over your grandparents/any elderly couples on your wedding day. My grandparents were married over 50 years before my grandpa passed from pancreatic cancer. I think seeing love last through things as tough as that and watching my grandparents take care of each other was the hardest, yet most beautiful thing & it made me even more appreciative of love that lasts through generations. & that will always be worth documenting.

My favorite parts of a wedding day: Anything that involves grandparents in love

our team of intentional photographers here to document your best days + memories yet!

meet the associate team!

on days where I'm unavailable or slightly out of budget, you still have options! Basically how my associate team works: they've all been trained personally by me to photograph with a similar style + approach to wedding days! When booking an associate package, the associate you book will show up to your wedding day (+ engagement session when applicable!) to document your memories in the signature ASP style. Then, Alecca personally edits every photo of your gallery in her editing style. You get the same incredible experience and photo style, without being limited on Alecca's availability and while also saving a bit of $$! It's a win-win!

We've had the priviledge of having Anna on the associate team since we've started! To know Anna is to love her. She brings the calmest presence to your wedding day and serves ASP couples so well. She's married to her best friend, Garrett, and is also a cat mom to her adorable (and I say that as a not-cat person lol) kitties Milo + Timmy!


blake & mikayla's colorado wedding ↗

anna on the blog

Paige & dillon's dsm wedding day  ↗

Aaryn is the spunkiest, most loving, + biggest hype woman you'll meet! She's a friend to all + is beyond talented at making anyone in front of her camera comfortable. She lives in the Quad Cities area with her boyfriend Trevor + cat Jet. You'll absolutely love Aaryn + the hype she brings to your day.


blake & mikayla's colorado wedding ↗

aaryn on the blog

Paige & dillon's dsm wedding day  ↗

Mikayla brings the calmest presence to your wedding day + loves serving couples throughout their day. She'll leave you feeling so seen + taken care of. She recently got married in 2023, too! 


mikayla on the blog

Paige & dillon's dsm wedding day  ↗

To have Michaela behind the camera on your wedding day is the sweetest gift - she's the most kind and loving person you'll meet + adores telling your story. She just moved to Minneapolis from the PNW with her husband and loves spending slow days in coffee shops + baking sourdough!


coming soon! ↗

michaela on the blog

coming soon!  ↗



Yes! in the event alecca is unavailable or slightly out of budget for your day, we have an incredible associate team who has been trained to document your day just like alecca! alecca handles all the editing and timelines to give you the same incredible asp experience and intentionally documented moments you're looking for!  

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asp has always been + will always be founded on serving you and your people during your most precious moments. we specialize in a storytellings + documentary approach - which simply means you can be fully present, knowing we will be there to document your moments in a way that presesrves the sentimental emotions and memories for generations to come. we notice the little things and make sure you are taken care of - from booking until even after the wedding day, 

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to book alecca synclair photography to photograph your wedding day, simply fill out the contact form on our website! then, I'll be in touch within 2 business days with a pricing guide, availability, and all other information you'll need! 

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absolutely! one of my favorite ways to document your day is through film (the old school kind that gets developed + has the most beautiful, nostolgic, and timeless feeling! 

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every wedding and elopement is different, so this can vary depending on the specific needs of your day! most couples find that the 8 and 10 hour packages include everything they're looking for to ensure their moments are documented perfectly!

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